Aerial Video / Photography

Photography and Video taken at altitude. Post production editing. Videos and Photos with messages that promote your goals.

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Real Estate Photography

No need to explain how aerial photography and video is becoming the norm. Quick ramp up, proves it’s value, and is easily recognized by customers. Get some.

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Boat Brokering

Specialty Aerial

Whether it’s mapping, construction site, farming, boat sales or events – we can help with your project.

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Aerial Video and Photo is up-trending

Aerial photography and videography – The new Pet Rock, Earth Shoe or Cabbage Patch doll?

Yes and No. While past fads have come and gone, this thing called aerial photography is probably here to stay. Using remotely controlled drones for videos and photographs is a booming marketing tool for companies that need one more edge to show their potential customers and repeat customers that they are an adapting and trending company.

With FAA Part 107 certification, 100’s of hours at the controls of the drone fleet, years of photography background, and dozens of hours editing and producing video and photo content – Seasoned Veteran will deliver your solution.

While using drones to gather remote video and photographs is only a few years old, the cost point of this service is far superior to more expensive solutions like airplane, helicopter and ultra zoom lens cameras.

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