Aerial Photography

Photos and videos at altitude and at ground level – we’ve got solutions for you.

Events Documenting

Weddings, Company Party, Grand Opening, Building Construction, Boat Charter, Cycle events – think aerial

Document a Legacy

Video footage for your social, worship, work or family events – history and heritage that can be shared with the family, the neighborhood, the world.

More and more companies are using aerial video and photography

Residential home sales, commercial sales and leases, boat brokering, land development, pre-purchase and insurance inspections, roof and construction bidding and progress, even billboard traffic flow and golf outings are just a few of the ever growing needs being satisfied by aerial video and photo solutions.

Everyday we learn about more applications for aerial video and photography.

If you think for a moment how aerial photography and video solutions can benefit your company…let us know. There are new applications all the time.

Next Steps…

Is this a keeping up with the Jones’ topic? You bet.

Let us put you at the front of the line.